Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its just aint right

These 2 plus the above 2 + 1 hubby in 1 bed = me ouuta bed at 4:30 am

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Run Run Rudolph

This musical was a riot, Alexis you were wonderful!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello my name is Paula and I am an addict

Sigh do ya'll see these small innocent bells of heaven? Butterfinger Jingles... A simple name, nothing outlandish or far out, simply chocolate and pieces of a well know candy bar. Its not BIG deal really another Christmas candy that's been on the shelf since 2 weeks before Halloween.
" My name is Paula and I am a butterfingerjingleaddict" it started out slow as I was cruising the seasonal isle at my local HEB (grocery store) I spotted them hmmmm I said to myself., the hubby loves Butterfinger chocolate bars... Ill bet he'd like these for his CHRISTMAS stocking.
Into the cart they went without another thought, they went into the pantry and took up residency until the big day when they would find themselves in a Christmas stocking. *fast forward till last week* I am craving chocolate, this is an all out frontal attack of craving chocolate-the kind where getting into the truck and driving to the store at 11:45 pm craving.
is not only considered but has been done before. *note addiction issues previously noted*
"Wait I said to myself" "chocolate radar buzzing... those butterfinger thingys for the hubby, that might just get it..
Shortly there after...sitting among a pile of colorful Christmas foil wrappings chocolate radar no longer at defcon 6 levels, I realize oops the hubby isn't gonna get all his treats, nothing to be too upset about plenty of time till the big day, pick up another bag.. no harm no foul. Here's where I hit rock bottom ya'll, I bought 2 bags... one for hubby and one for the candy dish at home. I opened the one for home in the truck with the idea of just one... one led to two and before I knew it there I was sitting in the truck in the grocery store parking lot surrounded by foil wrappers and no wet wipes, I looked up into the rear view mirror and the person looking back was unrecognizable, the wild eyes, the chocolate smear on my cheek. the chocolate on the steering column of my new truck,"God Help Me"
So friends this is my first step to butterfinger jingle freedom... admitting that I am powerless over jingles...

Monday, December 7, 2009

A rare moment

I found this while looking for the previous picture on my blog, this is a rare moment Thanksgiving Day 2009, I dont get to see much of my son, his lifestyle choices are polar opposite of ours, look how happy Alexis is.... I wish .....

My part of the world

Good Morning ya'll, long time no blog..... just wasn't feeling it....still reading everyone elses though... yes even yours cherkyb,thought I was going to have to revert back to your snowblower review (Texas was in line for some serious snowfall blizzard 2009 an all).

Things have been pretty complicated around here lately-my 19 yr old inherited a good chunk of money when my dad passed in July,he quit his job and literally had it spent by the end of September,so between pawning his newly bought items, selling his truck to us ( to make his rent) and us( his step dad and I trying to get him to understand what he had done to himself its been pretty dang ugly around here) We have been tough lovin it all over the place ( which we all know how popular that makes us) as of today Dec 7 he is working roughly 12 hours a week we own his truck and his pawn slips and eviction is looming... I will not give him a dime, he may come back home to live... but it sure wont be any fun, I will be handling all his money until he can learn to himself....whooohooo Merry Christmas---- not so much- Alexis sat on Santas lap for the first time Saturday, big accomplishment as Santa/the chic-fila cow/ and heaven forbid Chuckie from the cheese pizza joint send her off the deep end runng and screaming for cover as it were.

Medical updates: I spent the first part of November in the hospital the minute they took me off the antibiotics (from my hernia surgery in June) my body said hot damn lets party and the infection was up and running...Best case scenario I live on antibiotics for the next year, and ladies we all know what that entails. or I go for surgery again this will be number 7. Either way hot damn right? They hubby's only comment was..... sigh I'm fixin to get carpal tunnel.

So that's what has been going on in my little part of the world... I love being allowed into ya'lls world.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just give me the damn Happy meal

You know ya'll I am noticing the older I get the less tolerant I am of things. Things? you ask? yes things for example a simple run through the McDonalds drive thru for a healty dinner of saturated fats empty calories and a toy that will end up deep between the dark crevices of my truck where no man nor woman is willing to go. It becomes quickly a battle of wills between my self and the cashier who only speaks enough English to say boy or girl toy not to answer the world stopping all important question(according to my daughter)do you have the horse because we allready have the teddy bear. The question is greeted with this deer in the headlights look and in a flash the cashier is gone and up pops the manager "can I help you" shit eating grin like the answer will solve world hunger and bring peace to all. Ummm yeah I guess ya can help me just asking about the happy meal toy, but really I have allready spent 25 more in the drive thru than I planned and the 40 or so cars behind me are really starting to get ugly as a matter of fact... I think the 3rd truck back is reaching for some type of weapon of mass destruction so all in all can I just get the damn horse and the damn happy meal cause its now almost morning and Ill be here shortly to order pancakes to go....and if I ask for extra butter ...well we only can imagine the chaos that will create.