Monday, August 25, 2008

First Grade or Bust

Its finally here the first day of school. We have been marking the days off on the calender , practiced our teachers name,revisited tying shoes because all we wore was flip flops all summer long.

The Hannah Montanna lunch box and back pack are packed and out the door.

Ahhhh the sweet sweet routine is back, soccer practice starts tomorrow,

and before we know it we will be going candy begging in costumes.

By the grace of God I was well enough to help with the shopping and able to be here for the first day. Tomorrow its back to the hospital for more surgery.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today is my birthday, I admit I had high expectations from my family and friends-and for the most part I should have aimed low, low,low. Birthdays are a big deal for me, to me-its each persons one day when it truly is all about that person for a day. Special cake,special meal,presents each geared to that persons taste - that's how I roll anyway. So I assumed that with me having been so sick and having to go back into the hospital Tuesday for even more surgery, well hell I thought this one will be one to brag about in years to come.

Not happening- not even close, which made me MAD-which then led to guilt feelings,just because I make a big deal about birthdays doesn't make it wrong that other people dont
And its not fair for me to to thrust my expectations on other people or to feel put out because I did this for so and so on there birthday and they didn't even acknowledge mine.

It is what it is.....and deal with it I will

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008


My son came back home yesterday, if you remember a past post(this is not a democracy)
he and the girlfriend called it done and the daddy said begone from this house. It's nice having him home but he hasn't figured out the rules do apply to him. (sigh) he thinks he does no wrong.

The glorified rat (hamster) was caught and put back in his cage. Wooohoooo

We actually stayed under 90 degrees today and they say rain.

School supplies have been bought and stand ready to enter the halls of edumaction-standings
1 first grader 1 senior what a combination.

Day 2 with the picc line and the wound vac at home-fingers crossed that things start to heal or I will be back in the hospital Thursday to start all over again.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Father Daughter Time

Since I have been either in the hospital or pretty much on the couch for the last month. My poor hubby has been set to task to keep our 6 yr old somewhat entertained. He does not enjoy barbies, ponies,playing house ect....

So here are some of the things they have done over the past month. They made a homemade scented candle (barbecue scented) wax spilled-dried on the stove and down in the drip pans-results one scented candle 1 drip pan ruined and the barbecue stench from hell.

They went to see the movie Chimps in Space which I think he enjoyed more than she did.

They have made numerous trips to the feed store, Home Depot.Heb and Walmart.

A trip to the mall is in the plan for this upcomming week for school clothes.

They went to for a day (yeah for daddy because he is not about water or getting wet) what a good sport.

Between these outings they have hit all the sporting goods stores

So this is what appears in a 6 year olds tackle box and what every self respecting 6 yr old girl should be wearing (insert major sarcasm please)

Honest the hubby has been a dream he has kept the business going,taken care of our 6 year old,all the animals and even managed to vacum,do the laundry, and come and see me.

so this is for you babe thank you and I love you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

%^&&**(!!!!!! RANT(*&&^%$%$#@@@

Im tired of being in the hospital,I am tired of being in pain, I miss my daughter.I just want to go home, not much to look forward to when I go home I have this picc line in my arm an open wound with a garden hose attatched and attached to that a vacumn. I AM HAVING A MAJOR PITY PARTY!!!!!!!!All I do is cry, my daughter is makimg herself sick over me being gone, the cost of all this will truly sink us. We are self employed.School starts on the 25 for my daughter, I will miss going school shopping with her, meet the teacher night, PITY PARTY I KNOW. I just had to get this out, I cant take anymore.OK I am done. thanks for reading ie listening.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Hospital Blogging/when moms away buy the break a body part machine

Well here I am back in the most unwonderful place on earth, Ive been here since Sunday, and it ain't looking good as to when I will be going home.Surgery is scheduled for this morning. I have developed a major staph infection over the mesh in my belly. I have a picc line,with major antibiotics and drains and all kinds of nastiness.sigh.. But anyways has anyone been over to Rhonda's blog (i know i should link but to be honest i just don't feel well enough to do it all)the wedding pics are here and they are gorgeous!! I missed only in Texas wed sorry guys. the only fun news I have is while I have been in here my 6 year old daughter got her first racing cart.Daddy ain't so dumb.. wait till mommas flat on her back in the hospital and then
buy the racing sure to break a body part machine.

That's about it, nothing exciting nothing fun.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ahhhhh to be 6 again

Last night around 8 Alexis and I took a walk around the back 40 ( its really not 40 acres its about 5) feed the goats and looked in on the baby deer we have several does and fawns living under the cedars. Our neighbor hollard over the fence hey my grand baby's are here have Alexis come over and play. She didn't even finish talking and Alexis was climbing the fence.With me just getting the stitches out there was no way my big ole butt was going over the fence. So I went got the truck and drove around to their place.By the time got there all three girls were stripped down to their Hannah Montana undies and were swimming in the pool, our neighbor has the best in ground pool, slides,diving board and fountains. We sat there watching them swim and dance and play make believe, I couldn't help but think how uptight and unwilling to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.... like swimming in your panties and pretending to be a rock star,we as adults become. Now I know its just not politically correct for grown people to strip to there tidy whiteys and go swimming but you get where I am going with this. I did take some pictures but refrain from posting em.... well because you know in this day and age ya just cant do that sort of thing.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Have you tried these yet?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

He may not be right: But he cleans up well

I was thinking this morning.... I have made several comments about my husband not being right so to speak but I have never really given any concrete reasons to this so
here goes.

1. He has offerred to get a magnet to take my staple stitches out.
2. He once told a blind person who was walking down the street, " I can see you but you can't see me"
3.At night he pees off the front porch
4.He nick named our daughter stinky and makes it a point to call her that in public
5.Whenever we go out to eat and the restraunt needs your name for seating, pick up order ect... he gives them the name Billy Joe Bob.
6. He thinks its funny when I am taking a shower to come in use the bathroom (#2)and then flush so not only am I being stunk out but I am also being scalded.
7.When I walk around the truck to get in he waits till I get right in front and honks the horn.
8.We use nexttell phones,he will beep me knowing full well I am in a public place and yell at the top of his voice "how is your rash,diareah,ect....
9.Will fart anywhere, anytime, around anyone, and then grin like he has won the lottery.
10.Eats frosting directly out of the can.

Now please don't get me wrong he is a wonderful man a fantastic father and a great husband, he just aint right.
But he does clean up well.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday's only in Texas

After going to this "festival last year I am pretty sure that you have to be slightly off to enjoy this type of thing. To see more about this... click on the events tab. Its safe to say if the hubby wants to go this year he will be going without me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Texas State Aquarium

Alexis and daddy getting the boat ready
A barge crossing the ship channel in Port Aransas

Lighthouse just off the ship channel

Alexis at the beach

Not much happening here today-in wait mode for the rain and wind to make their way up towards us from Galveston we need rain the grass fires are popping up everywhere and after the one we had this spring across the street from our place I have become very jumpy when the red flag warnings come out.Doc took the stitches out this am still have the drains but progress folks progress. First thing hubby asked the Doc was..."how long before she can go out on the boat?" Most hubbys would be more interested in how long before we can do the humpty dance,ahhhh but not mine, remember in my profile I did state he's not quite right.

He's itching to go back to the coast fishing, we try to go about 3 times a year twice as a family and once just he and I. School starts in 2 1/2 weeks and with that so does soccer/pta/dance it doesnt look like we will be going anytime soon.

We did take some awesome pics when we went down in June, so I thought i'd share.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What a face

See the face? See why I couldn't put her out in the pasture> 6 weeks old
Still can't put her out in the pasture with the goats>16 weeks

I have a house cleaner today,( I know how exciting-right?) I have never had a house cleaner before. I am sitting outside while she cleans, I can't go anywhere because of the tubes still hanging out of me, like so twilight zone frankenwoman
type thing. I have the dogs out with me and Lil Bit that's our great Pyrenees puppy is really taking her job seriously-what they are bred to do is watch over livestock and there human family's, she sits by my side and any butterfly, bird or noise real or imagined is greeted with a booming bark and a scuttle under my chair, from where a whole bravado of barks and growls come from,my brave heroine. Actually as far as protecting goes when she is full grown she will weigh in at about 150lbs.Just her size and bark will deter most unsavory creatures both of human origin and of the animal species. All the size and looks of a polar bear with a golden retriever mentality. We originally got her to stay in the pasture with the goats and protect them from coyotes and such, but one look at that face and there was no way I could turn her loose in the pasture, so that's how we came to have 3 large dogs in the house. Which finally convinced the hubby that unless he wanted dog hair in his favorite foods, a dyson vacuum was needed. And folks let me tell you if you have pets that shed these things are worth every dollar, now I am anal on this I cannot stand dog hair anywhere but on the dog so I do vacuum at least twice a day. the house cleaner just came to me and told me she was done...hmm
get this she didn't even sweep the ceramic tile before she mopped it.... eww gods clumps of wet soggy dog hair. THIS IS WHY I DO THESE THINGS MYSELF.

ok talk my self down was fixin to come unglued.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Texting Gods Word

I sent a text to my 18 yr old son this Friday morning. I have not seem him since he chose to move out 4 simple words I miss you and love you. this is the text I received back from him.Jeremiah 2 5 6-Thus say the lord "what injustice did your fathers find in me,that they went from me and walked after emptiness and became empty".

My thought on this was he was saying what was so wrong with him that I threw him out of the house and abandoned him-it stands to reason I miss him.

Now remember he chose to leave because he did not agree with our house rules. My first instinct was to come back at him with Colossians 3 2 0-"Children obey your parents in everything for this pleases the lord"

But I refuse to get into a pissing contest with him using gods words as amunition.

Does it ever get better?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hamster sighting

Do you see anything slightly off about this picture? No? Wait a minute let me get a better picture.

There that's better, do you see the problem yet? THE CAGE IS EMPTY!!!!! Has been empty
since July 17,2008 I have a glorified mouse running amok in my house. But wait Paula you say since I have started reading your blog it seems that you like critters, especially in the house, I mean come on you have 3 well lets just say over sized dogs in your house. I agree I do like critters-critters that I can see coming......I found the glorified rat this am or I should say the damn thing found me, in the bathroom no less at 600 am have you any idea what its like to be minding you own business in the semi dark half awake from narcotics and sleep and to look up and have to beady eyes peering at you? Needless to say the whole household is awake now and we still haven't caught the hamster....But I swear when its real quiet, I hear a snide little glorified mouse snicker.