Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm 2009 and other totally unrelated things

Look out central Texas ice storm 2009 is almost here!! Only in Texas can it be 80 degrees and sunny one day and 28 and ice covered the next. One good thing is, we wont be needing to invest in one of these. I went to the grocery store because like all smart icees....we just had to have at least 3 gallons of milk,4 loaves of bread and 2 mumbo jumbo jars of peanut butter..... just in case ya know.

On a totally unrelated subject it was award day at Ms.Alexis's school she received ribbons for red hot reader/making strides/ and no tardys ( which by the way really should have been awarded to me because really what did she do to get her self there every day anyways?) just kidding.

We are very proud of her.

Friday, January 23, 2009

In the Mood deal breakers

Ok all you ladies, I don't know about ya'll, but here in the Dieckman household.... sometimes getting a little chicka chicka waaant waaa gets as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest. Between children, work,stress,and just plain old life it just doesn't happen as often as it should. But I refuse to take all the blame for the lack of action in our bedroom. Believe me I am not asking for candle light, rose petals and soft music to get things going every single time. Understanding that ya'll men tend to be very visual, I understand that the faded flannel jammies aren't exactly libido revving material, so when you reach over to hug and kiss good night and low and behold you feel something silky and slick, its a pretty certain deal your fixin to get ya some......... So why in your wildest imagination would you pull the covers over our head fart like you have never farted before giggle like a godamn school girl and dare to look so surprised when we punch you dead ass on in your stomach, jump out of bed and look at you like you have 3 heads, green skin and a weeny from something out of a science fiction movie. sigh......end result..... no chicka chick want waa for you Mr.fartpullthecoversovermyheadbuttheadDieckman.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first tag a MEME

This is my first tag I believe Katie started it and Sheliza tagged me it seems fairly easy and for (get it for 4x4)fun so here are the rules:
1.Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer.
2.Select the 4th picture in the folder.
3.Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 other people to do the same.

This picture is Alexis first day of soccer practice 2 years ago.... notice the shin guards and the bobby socks? A poor excuse for a soccer mom I was I had no clue about the long ass socks that go over the shin guards...... lol I do now though..... and no I do not drive a mini van... I drive a souped up Dodge Pick up with dual exhaust and its blue and silver Dallas Cowboys colors.... I know I know redneck all over my forehead.
so heres my 4 people
I sure wish I knew how to link each person blog sorry ya'll puter savy Im not

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesdays only in Texas

This coffe shop just opened in our local strip mall. Havent tried it yet.

*apologies on the no posting ya'll been in real funk lately*

Friday, January 16, 2009

Extreme cold experiments

Ok ya'll my goofy ass hubby is way fascinated with the extreme cold some of ya'll are dealing with, he has several experiments he would like someone to try.

1.If you blow a soap bubble will it freeze in mid air?

2.If you pee outside, will it freeze mid stream?

I told ya'll he aint right!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesdays only in Texas

Where else can you see a long horn walking down the main drag

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Officially addicted

I am officially addicted:Route 44 diet vanilla cokes.
Regularly priced 2.16 except between the hours of 2-4 they are 1/2 price and if you bring your cup back you pay.........38 cents!!!! can you believe it?? sigh I can and do and can and do at least 3x a day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My hubby the last of the great dieters

World famous Round Rock Donuts Our first christmas
slim trim and a major leaning tree

The good food i bought

Right before Christmas we had a party to attend, here in Texas dressing up is a starched pair of wranglers,a starched long sleeve shirt, tie, your best black or brown hat and your dress lace up ropers. So the hubby goes to put his wranglers on.... no matter what he does they wont button...

better yet, even his lace up boots all of a sudden are to tight....(hehehehe) welcome to my world on a regular basis sucka!!! So the comment is made first of the year hes going to lose 25 lbs... wooohooo I say finally I will get some help with my life and death struggle with cookies/cakes/and everything that's good in life war of wars. So far all is going ok in the Dieckman house of diet.... until the asshole (yes I said it asshole) brings this shit home after work last night. Now mind you I spent an extra 50 dollars at HEB yesterday buying healthy food/sugar free food. I made low calorie chicken wraps for dinner and believe me they were good. And this is what he does brings home this.

So I pulled out this photo of our first Christmas together, now understand I know I have packed on the pounds, but he didn't realize how much he had.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am not a white trailer trash hoochie momma

Ever since I posted the other day about our new additions I have felt this need to let ya'll know, we are truly not some sort of hillbilly-redneck-livestock living in our home type of people.We have indoor plumbing, cable, and electricity from a pole. I was watching an episode of wife swap and this poor woman was dropped into a place with critters running amok in and out of the house, dog doo every where and even a dead rat under the coffee table. We do have critters but please know its safe to drink out of our glasses and that you can sit anywhere with the blackest of black pants/skirt and you wont get up looking like a wooly mamoth. Whew Im really glad I told ya'll this was making me crazy wondering if ya'll were muttering under your breath, them threes some serious rednecks in that household.

Heres some pics to back me up

Wednesdays only in Texas

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Additions to the ranch

Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail

Friday, January 2, 2009

What would you have done?

We are at the local McDonald's, Alexis and her friend are playing.... the girls come over to get a drink, and another little girl starts to cry hysterically another little boy has hit her, the dad of the little boy pulls him aside and does the standard we dont hit other people and puts the child in a time out, the little girls mom glares at him grabs up the daughter and stomps away ,the dad says again ma am I'm sorry. I feel bad for the dad we all have had moments that our children act a fool so I laugh and say well hes for certain all boy. Dad gives me a grateful look and all is well. Not more than 5 min later this same boy pushes Alexis friend and they both come running I ask them both are ya'll ok? yes we are, ok then go play..... The next thing I see is this same boy biting Alexis ,yes you read correctly bites her!!!! Whooooaaa ok this is a game I DO NOT PLAY!!!!! She screams I jump and run to her like an Olympian hurdle person (you know leaping small children in a single bound type thing) This bite has broke the skin and is bleeding. I run for ice, the dad swoops up the boy and starts to scream and yell and beat the child, he takes the child to the truck throws him in the car seat beating him the whole time. He comes back says to us Im sorry little girl are you all right? Well hell no shes not all right and Im so mad I wanna kick his sorry butt clear to Burger King. But with the way hes beating this little boy I sure don't wanna piss him off anymore. They leave we gather our stuff up and head to the pediatrician, we are on antibiotics and all is well. I got his license plate number and make and model of vehicle called the police and pressed charges and told the police officer how badly this man was beating his child. Did I do the right thing? or did I make a bad situation worse??? you tell me

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 its here whether were ready or not

Happy New Year Ya'll- How are those resolutions going for ya? Me? you ask? well lets just say that if I had verbalized any of the ones I had pondered..... they all would have been done did broke. I know what I need to do to find that happy place in my life..... without making resolutions and setting my self up to fail,its just a matter of finding that starting place and making sure I am always moving towards that and not getting bogged down in the quick sand that life throws at us. I must say as much as I love the holidays its nice to get back to the routine of life. Monday is back to school for Alexis, and as much as I love being with her ..... she wears me out. I hope that the New Year for all of us brings us what we strive for , whether its good bad or ugly.