Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Becareful what you ask for.......

Sometimes you really have to be careful what you ask for in our home, for example....... Saturday morning as I was packing the cooler for Alexis's soccer game I just kind of half-a$$ed said under my breath man we need a bigger cooler.

My husband who when I mention taking the trash out/helping with the dishes/vacuuming a rug seems to have a hearing problem... evidently heard me loud and clear about the cooler.

I am now the proud owner of one 7-day keep shit cold/weighing in at 52 pounds empty/no handle/no wheels white literally elephant of a cooler. He so proudly brought it home to me splayed out in the back of the pickup like some type of cave man type "me bring provisions "thingy. I looked at the monstrosity with horror, never mind how the ckuf would I tote the thing but did we need to take out a second mortgage to buy the thing. ($69.99) he tells me proudly what a deal.

As far as I am concerned for 69.99 it better pack its self and tote itself.

So again note to self..... be careful whatcha ask for...... you may just get it

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lets get a burger

"Keep Austin Weird" that's a big deal here in central Texas, well... I have seen some weird things yes, but for the most part Austin is a beautiful city/college town. Austin offers incredible music and dinning, one place is this http://www.freddiesplaceaustin.com/ they offer inside and outside dinning , live music out side and a great back yard play scape. But the best thing is you can bring mans best friend yes.. your dog, they offer water bowls and food bowls, and its just tons of fun.

Well we try to visit Freddies 3 times a month-3 dogs three visits-

Friday night was to be the puppy's first trip( now remember she is only 6 months old but weighs 85 pounds and stands as tall as our golden retriever).First order of business completely cover back seat with blankets -white hair and slobber all over Paula's truck=a very ugly Paula-load up one 6 yr old daughter and away we go.
First few miles into the road trip daughter regals us with ever thing that transpired at school that day-puppy sits with head out window,several more miles down the road daughter starts to yawn- puppy begins to pant, drool and look not very happy-daughter falls asleep-puppy continues to slobber and look unhappy-puppy walks over to daughter and lays her head next to daughter.
Meanwhile the conversation in front seat has been going like this:
Me: Alexis is sleeping and lil bit looks like she is going to throw up
Hubby: shes not going to throw up shes just drooling
Me:Wellllll.......I don't know shes looking pretty bad....how close are we to Freddies
Backseat- puppy stands up moves closer to daughter and proceeds to throw up all c0ntents of stomach directly into daughters lap.Daughter wakes up from dead sleep screaming and crying and pushing puppy away.
Me: puppy just threw up in daughters lap
Hubby:no wayyyyyyyyyyyy
(laughing uncontrollably)daughter screams louder-puppy throws up more
We didn't make it to Freddies that night-we grabbed whataburger and went home

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday's only in Texas

Hee Hee brings new meaning to the term shits and grins-by the way I don't make this stuff up
I am not Texan by birth only by marriage -I am originally from Wisconsin where critters don't sting and or bite to kill - ie snakes/scorpions/millipedes/sharks in 2 feet of ocean/jelly fish.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog title

An example of why I call my blog what I call it- a recent conversation with my 18 yr old son who still lives at home and is a senior in high school. (first a quick update the policy here has always been he is to earn half the money for drivers education and his driver license and his dad and I would pick up the other half, this policy has been in effect since he was 15 well needless to say the child is 18 and just got his learners permit in June.)

The conversation: I received an amendment from our insurance they have added our son to our policy an added 1,198.00 because they show he is a licensed driver ( which he is not)

Me:Tyler I got our insurance bill in the mail they have added you to our policy and say that you are a licensed driver, may I see your permit again?

Him: Why?
Me: Because I need to make sure that is shows the right restrictions.
Him: well they may have bumped me up with out having to take the driving test.
Me:insert a look(have you lost your mind)look
Me: they just don't bump you up
Him: well........ I have a couple of friends that didn't have to take the driving they just got bumped up.
Me:insert another look(Now I know you have no sense)look
Me:its possible some one down at DPS when entering your permit may have hit an incorrect button, and if that's the case we need to go correct it
Him:his volume level increasing, why do I have to change it if it is there mistake?
Me:(feeling my blood pressure starting to boil) because the mistake is fixin to cost me 1,198.00 and if you were to get pulled over you could get a extremely large fine / and or a trip to the local pokey.
Him: but its there mistake(starting to whine)why do I have to pay for it?
I love this child he is my first born-but I am starting to wonder if his father-my ex possibly dropped him on his head when I wasn't looking.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An added bonus of only in Texas

This is down the road and around the corner from our home,this is vultures just like you see in old west type movies there are about 50 on the ground more in the trees and about 20 circling in the air, (from a previous post we live in the country and the wildlife is abundant they are feeding on a deceased deer) WAY GROSS I KNOW)

Wednesdays only in Texas

This one cracks me up everytime

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Frisbees,tennis balls, and awesome weather oh my

Little bit

Luke and Cheyanne

This is day number 2 now with temps here in Austin under 80 degrees, cant say thank you to Ike, he missed central Texas. I cant seem to tear myself away from the news. Houston and Galveston and everything in between are so devastated. We have evacuees here in Austin and these poor souls have literally nothing but what they came with, most have no homes to go home too. Chris and I took water,peanut butter, and dog and cat food to the Red Cross, it doesn't seem but a drop in the bucket, but I hope it helps.

Yesterday I took the three dogs out to the back pasture and wore there happy butts out playing Frisbee and tennis ball. We haven't been able to do much of that with the temps in the 100'S

Border Collies will chase until there hearts give out and our Golden well lets just says shes pleasingly plump so here chasing slows way down and of course the puppy (Great Pyrenees she just runs for the sheer enjoyment of it all.

Update on the cookie dough fund raiser..... I haven't sold one box, and to tell you the truth doesn't bother me one bit.

I also got to plant my fall and winter flowers.

Prayers to everyone on the coast.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ugly is as ugly does

Have you ever woke up in the am madder than hell at the world for no reason? Well that's me this day, nothings wrong no bills pending,no real worries but man o man every little thing people do today send me over the edge. Normally I laugh at the stuff that comes out of my husbands mouth gosh not today, my poor childrens can do nothing right, I am a uber super bitch and don't know why..... And it seems the more the day goes on the more ugly I get. And the more ugly I get the more my fambly wants to screw with me.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

To care or not to care

We had open house tonight at my daughters grammar school out of 18 kids 3 parents showed including my self. Sad huh? The teacher had a whole presentation ready to let us know what she will be doing with our children for the next 8 months, after all she will have em more than we will. Notes came home, it was on the school web site and on the huge marque out front.

These same no-show parents will be the first to bitch when they don't understand the curriculum or what ever. I know people work, have other children with commitments ect..... But these are your children and these are the times that form our kiddos be aware be involved care.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008


OK Uncle all ready!!! Its the third week of school and we are in our second fundraiser all ready. I really really hate this one, this is the one were we sell $14.00 cookie dough-place and bake. I personally don't give a rip that they are made right here in Austin or that Embassy Suite uses them, 14.00 for cookie dough is freakin insane!! plus they hype the kiddos up with all these so called prizes that are cheaper than the dollars store stuff, and the hype up if you sell 30 boxes you get to go in a limo to Chuckie cheeses do the math 30 X 14=$420.00 insane I tell ya. At least half of our school district falls below poverty they are struggling to keep food on the table and gas in the cars and the PTA does this-Now I know you are saying don't like it join the PTA change it, I am a member and I bitched till I was blue in the face last year and got no where!! Basically I was told by the president no less, why are you complaining you own your own business you live in the country club district

you should have no problem selling. AAARRGGHHHHHH you snotty stuck up no nothing wooohaa. I just don't get it.... I pay school taxes, I volunteer at school we go to all the functions, we even go to Cicis pizza night- which for those of you that don't have Cicis its all you can eat pizza for 4.99 so you can imagine the quality. Anyways Ill shut up and put up and sell the dang dipped in gold cookies. BUT I DONT HAVE TO LIKE IT

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rain Rain please come and play

Look out Texas is Ike headed our way? As of this afternoon it looks like he could roar right up into San Antonio. For those right on the coast I know its a bad bad thing, for us further inland he would be a godsend we are so drought stricken in the Austin area the fire dangers are horrible, we need the rain he would bring just not the destruction. I had this doe in my yard this morning look at her ribs there just is no food for them we have babies that still have all there spots because of no food or water. We keep a horse trough full of water out back and they drink it almost dry within a day, we used to feed em but there are so many we couldn't keep up and at almost $8.00 a bag going broke feeding deer aint no fun. Pretty quite Sunday, grocery shopping,laundry getting ready for the week..... putting some steaks on the grill for supper....yummy

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Whose game is it anyways

Alexis had her first soccer game this am, this is our second season playing and its 6 and 7 yr olds.

We have had 2 1 hour practices there is no goalies and no score keeping, it is supposed to be about fun,exercise,teamwork, fun.

The whole fambly turned out to watch so Alexis had a small embarrassing cheer squad but she wasn't the only one. They played good-damn good 22 to 2 good. We cheered for the other team just as hard as our own team.

Good sportsmanship did not prevail on the other team, snide comments,from both players and parents.... What the hell this is not the elite traveling team this is 6-7 year olds having good clean fun. Some of these so called parents should really shut the ufck up making fun of other children so that they hear just aint right.

Hopefully this was a fluke group because this is about fun and when it stops being fun... well hell we might as well go to the dentist.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Time as a young child had no concept,an hour was a minute a minute an hour.
Christmas day by my thoughts would never get here and Christmas break was over before I had a chance to do all the things I planned to do.
Time and teenagers enemy's at best, late on curfew, late to school, late for work.
Friday night took for ever to come and the weekends lasted forever. Friendships were forever and breakups would never heal.
As a young mom I thought my children would never say momma, never walk, never grow up. Now they are growing and it seems in a blink of an eye.
Time seems to be my enemy- no matter how early I get up- its 800 time to get to school,run a few errands,attend a meeting its noon, pick up the house a few loads of laundry later its 330-a soccer game dinner dishes and its 900 pm. The day is gone and at best I stopped for a minute and reflected on how gorgeous the day was.
Just some thoughts........

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Two days out of the hospital and man I almost feel normal. No more infection,no more picc lines,
no more hernia. WAAAAChaaaa I feel gooooood. There is a feel of fall in the air Gustav did not bring us any rain but he sure brought some breezes. Alexis loves first grade, and is the only girl on her soccer team- look out guys she can kick butt.

Ahhhh life is on the upside.