Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot weather fun

This is how we spent our sunday what more could you ask for, good friends, hot weather,cool water. I havent been bloggin lately getting things ready for me being in the hospital and the fambly fending for them selves.


Rhonda said...

hot weather? sheesh. I can only wish.
It's gonna be 45 here tonight. Brrrrrrrrr.....
isn't that like winter still?!!!
Praying for you my dear as you prepare for the hospital.
Love ya

Sheliza said...

We have scorching weather already in the 90's every day, YUCK!! Keeping cool in the water is always nice though. I wish you well with the surgery and your family will survive I'm sure! Okay, your hubby might barely get by and Alexis will have to run things! Good luck and I will pray for you to recovery nicely :)