Saturday, July 11, 2009

Its official

Well folks its official after the hubby and I talked long and hard about the economy, the future of my business ( I detail used cars for the major Chevy dealership here in Austin) and my health we have decided its best I sell the business and go back to work in an office setting. I have many years experience and to be honest Alexis is 7 and during the school year really doesn't need me during the hours of 8-5 except of course for special things at school. I have decided to follow in my best friends(Rhonda) steps and apply with my local school district, which of course would be the ideal place to get hired, mostly the same days off as Alexis and the entire summer also. Now don't laugh ya'll it took me over a week to tweak my resume and to design a new and hip cover letter (just as I was writing it the yahoo front page had a huge article about the new black in cover letters, said that the key words like team player, goal orientated were not any good) well hell anyways... So its done the application has been filled out and resume and cover letters sent, there was 9 positions within the district I was qualified for and interested in. Pray for me ya'll god only knows if I get 9 rejection letters were my self esteem will fall ( hehehe ) not really funny.. damn scary if ya think about it its been 7 years since I worked out side the home and our 2 business's. Hell ya'll I don't even own appropriate clothing ... unless jean shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes are the new office wear. The fun thing will be if I am blessed to get one of the positions both Alexis and I will be going back to school shopping.


Sheliza said...

Girl I really hope it works out for you and I will certainly pray for ya! Smart idea by the way. I would work for my kids district if I were to get a job. I have done it before as a substitute teacher. It really makes sense to keep the same hours if you can. Let us know if you hear anything :)

RIO said...

I'm super glad that you're making your health a priority and making the necessary changes to keep moving forward. If anyone needs to get off her feet on occasion it is certainly a busy wife and mom like yourself.... Isn't the whole resume thing a mind blower? I haven't done one in ages, and when I was trying to help a friend, it turned into an Act of Congress. Things like "scannable key words" were never a part of the process before!