Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meet a good friend of Alexis's

This is Madison, (please scroll down to other central texas news)she is a 2nd grader like Alexis as a matter of fact she is much like Alexis, she is a Brownie, loves icarly involved in dance and so on and so on, the only difference is Madison has Downs Syndrome, but look at her what a beautiful child she is featured in this years calendar, and tonight she rides in a Limo to a Gala in honor of her and other children just like her.


RIO said...

Congratulations, Madison!

blogauthor said...

The link takes me to today's paper, but I bet she's super kid. A very good friend of mine has a son with Down Syndrome. It was a total surprise, hadn't been picked up on ultrasound, she was young, etc etc, but as she has now seen, he is just like every other kid. Every kid has their issues and unique circumstances. So glad your daughter has a friend with a disability, it teaches kids right from the get-go that disabilities are nothing to fear, but are just something to negotiate around - just like my husband's wheelchair.