Friday, May 1, 2009

Random things

  • We are hitting the 90's all ready here in Texas
  • My 19 yr old has moved back home
  • My surgery has been scheduled for June 4 at a different hospital almost an hour away from home
  • While I was in the grocery store yesterday my husband moved my truck from where I had parked it and I came unglued because I thought it had been stolen
  • We have saved over 700 box tops worth 10 cents each for Alexis school
  • There are 30 more days left of school
  • My newest favorite TV shows are 2 1/2 men and house
  • I have found the best recipe for chicken empenadas
  • I have almost convinced myself that I need to have my eyes checked and glasses are gonna happen no matter how much I deny it


Rhonda said...

Some of these random things are good some not so...
I tried calling you the other day but couldn't connect???
Anyway, I'll try again today.

love ya gf!

Sheliza said...

wow, so many very random things indeed! So your son moved back in. A good thing?? Y'all saved a whole lotta Box Tops!! I am a big saver of those too :) Yeah we have 30 days left of school too. High school next year for my oldest *sighs* I'll be thinking about you in hopes for a smooth surgery/ recovery. I miss chatting with you :)

Jeani said...

I can sing along with ALL SUMMER LONG word for word too.

blogauthor said...

Moving the truck, I would have so flipped out!!

19 year old moving home? .... hope that goes well.