Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello my name is Paula and I am an addict

Sigh do ya'll see these small innocent bells of heaven? Butterfinger Jingles... A simple name, nothing outlandish or far out, simply chocolate and pieces of a well know candy bar. Its not BIG deal really another Christmas candy that's been on the shelf since 2 weeks before Halloween.
" My name is Paula and I am a butterfingerjingleaddict" it started out slow as I was cruising the seasonal isle at my local HEB (grocery store) I spotted them hmmmm I said to myself., the hubby loves Butterfinger chocolate bars... Ill bet he'd like these for his CHRISTMAS stocking.
Into the cart they went without another thought, they went into the pantry and took up residency until the big day when they would find themselves in a Christmas stocking. *fast forward till last week* I am craving chocolate, this is an all out frontal attack of craving chocolate-the kind where getting into the truck and driving to the store at 11:45 pm craving.
is not only considered but has been done before. *note addiction issues previously noted*
"Wait I said to myself" "chocolate radar buzzing... those butterfinger thingys for the hubby, that might just get it..
Shortly there after...sitting among a pile of colorful Christmas foil wrappings chocolate radar no longer at defcon 6 levels, I realize oops the hubby isn't gonna get all his treats, nothing to be too upset about plenty of time till the big day, pick up another bag.. no harm no foul. Here's where I hit rock bottom ya'll, I bought 2 bags... one for hubby and one for the candy dish at home. I opened the one for home in the truck with the idea of just one... one led to two and before I knew it there I was sitting in the truck in the grocery store parking lot surrounded by foil wrappers and no wet wipes, I looked up into the rear view mirror and the person looking back was unrecognizable, the wild eyes, the chocolate smear on my cheek. the chocolate on the steering column of my new truck,"God Help Me"
So friends this is my first step to butterfinger jingle freedom... admitting that I am powerless over jingles...


Sheliza said...

Oh and I know what you are talking about. my addiction Dove peppermint bark. I can eat half the bag at one time. It's that freakin good!

Rhonda said...

Hi Paula.
Welcome to the group.

Hi my name is Rhonda and............


Tanyetta said...

I bite all the almonds out of a hersey bar and then I tear the entire bar up. I have issues. LOL