Tuesday, February 24, 2009

be verrryyyy verrryyyy quiet Im hunting wabbit

Remember these guys? Well they are now big enough to go outside in the big pen with the other rabbit and goats. Apparently the furnishings didn't measure up for two of the three, because this morning they had escaped . The hubby and I armed with fishing nets set out on safari in the back 40 to round up the rascally wabbits and return them to hence where they had come from. So picture if ya'll can 2 grown folk running all over with fishing nets flung over their shoulders, what started out slightly humorous quickly turned ugly something like this only 10 times worse as we were battling bunnies in huge overgrown cedar trees.cacti,and other various Texas native plants and insects that tend to bite and sting when pissed off/knee led on/or other wise disturbed. The light hearted banter between the hubby and I went something like this.

The Mr.-throw a rock at him so he will run this way

Me:I am not throwing a rock at the bunny what if I hit it?

The Mr: that's the idea-scare the motherf(bleep bleep)

Me: Ohhhhh that makes a whole lot of f(bleep bleep) sense

The Mr. there he goes run get him!!!!!

Me:looking at the Mr. telling me to run? have you lost your f(bleeping) mind?

I don't run!!

The Mr. Godamn it Paula run!!!

Me: I cant run I'm to damn fat

The Mr.These motherf(bleeping) rabbits are gone when I catch em

Me: wasn't my idea to get em


and so the conversation and the safari continued for another hour

the end result: rabbits caught-PAULA mad at Mr. for yelling and not saying your not fat ect...

Mr sitting in living room at 10:45 pm watching pass time.... hope hes comfortable on that couch cause that's were hes sleeping tonight.


Sheliza said...

lol! Y'all are a mess and the rabbits escaped?? LMAO!! I hope the couch for comfy for the Mister!

Rhonda said...

you two are crrrazy!
Funny but crrrazy!

CherkyB said...

But at least you're used to it.