Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flu Flu go away dont come back any day!!!

My baby girl is sick, not just sick but type A flu sick, it started Sunday night at 300 am (like all good sickness does) the poor child had headache so bad she was shaking!! It reminded me of a migraine that adults get, by morning she was weak and sore, I kept her home and on the couch all day.Last evening she began to run a temp, between 102.7 and 103.6 even with cool baths/cool compresses and Tylenol alternating with Motrin I could only get the temp down to an even 100, we were at the pediatrician by 9.45 am and at 10.00 am they did they strep swab and then the flu swab, at 10:02 she was throwing up all over me/the floor/the table but worst of all her new flip flops. Diagnosis type A flu . Doc said she will down for the count for at least 7 days,prescribed Tami-flu (50.00 after co-pay) poor baby is like a limp noodle, nothing stays in or down. Seems this nasty stuff is running amok coast to coast even they had it

Please ya'll if anyone in your fambly starts not to feel right get to the Doc, this stuff is miserable way contagious and going to the Dentist and getting 4 teeth worked on would be more fun.

Seems to be a bad strain also that the flu shot wont touch.


Sheliza said...

ah man, I'm so sorry for Alexis! I do hope she gets better quickly :)

Rhonda said...

We are NOT getting it.
Are NOT getting it.

Give the poor dear a hug for me...

RIO said...

Oh no!! Poor baby!! :( Just looking at her poor little miserable face made me wince! Bless her heart. We'll be praying for swift recovery. And my goodness, FIFTY dollars AFTER co-pay. Ouch! I had no idea Tamiflu was so expensive!!

Just hit everything with rubbing alcohol and keep your face covered. I'd hate for you to get taken down too.

Can she suck on ice? Would it be okay if she took an anti-nausea medication or do the doctors *prefer* her to bring stuff up to fight the virus?