Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance 2009

Remember this That pic was from last years dance ,heres this years.

and just so ya'll don't think I am whinning when I say the mans not right.........

remember this

Its a good thing he cleans up well, and is such a good dad and husband

remember this


Sheliza said...

aww, I'm so glad she was able to go. Great photo and what a nice dad :)

Rhonda said...

awww is that like a Valentines Dance?
Yea!!! that she's not sick anymore!
They look great!

RIO said...

I see the pretty lady is feeling well enough to go dancing with dad! Great news!

My dad and I have a Father-Daughter Tag Team Mockery of "Bonanza". Not quite as heart warming. LOL

Jeani said...

She sure has grown up in one year.
Darling girl and yes he cleans up well.