Friday, August 7, 2009

Lemonade Stand update

The girls set up the stand bright and early this am 8:00 am they got up at 5:30 am and wanted to set up then ... but I calmly asked them.... and I quote " ARE YA'LL ON DOPE?" NEEDLESS TO SAY the stand opened up later... they made an additional 16.25 - which brings the grand total to 21.75 now they are considering a garage sale for the next money making adventure.

Now if we do a debit and credit balance sheet it will look something like this...

2 containers of country time pink lemonade 1.78 each

2.00 in change I fronted them

1.69 for package of cups

2 trips to McDonalds for happy meals 3.69 each

1 poster broken off of a 4 poster bed ( jumping for joy on the bed for the above 21.75)

repair estimate 106.95

I have an invested stake of 128.96 - the pure excitement and joy the two girls experienced priceless~!!


blogauthor said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheliza said...

aww what a cute post!! The girls look absolutely thrilled :)

Rhonda said...

summer memories that just can't be beat!