Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lemonade Stand

Alexis and her friend are running a lemonade stand they have had 4 customers and one even gave them a 5.00 bill. The excitement on their faces is incredible and it reminds me that even in my time of sadness that life is good and will go on.

I haven't said much about my dad passing away... sadly he and I had not spoke for over 4 years.... we both exchanged some ugly words and they were never taken back or apologized for. This is incredibly hard for me to live with as I am an only child and I loved both of my parents dearly. I moved here to Texas several months after my mom passed away, and luckily my dad did get to see Alexis a couple of times before we had words.My father was a hard man to please but everyone loved him. A thought ya'll please don't let hard feelings and words tear you away from the people you care about, you may find yourself unexpectedly in my shoes.

I do love you dad and am so sorry that we left things the way that we did, I hope you have found mom and are finally at peace.


Amy McQuillan said...

I'm so sorry Paula....I wish for you it wouldn't have ended that way...

Tell Alexis "good job, high 5" on "running her own business" :)

Let me know when you are coming back!

Rhonda said...

Good advice.
This tears me up...on so many different levels.

I love you.

Rhonda said...

Hey after your phone call I was thinking Alexis is entering the free market and this is CAPITALISM at it's finest!!!
Love it!