Friday, October 31, 2008

12 iron men,11 hannah montana's ect... ect....

OK so bright and early this am- we are off to school in full costume and makeup for the (character parade)in layman terms the Halloween chaos.
There was of course the projected assortment of Hannah Montanna's, Iron men, Bat men,Disney Princess's with a few clever ( ohh the horror and shame) made costumes.We had gotten early in the week the permission slip to ok or not ok our childs participation. Just as we are about to leave for the parade here comes one little girl her mom draggin her in no costume no nothing the little girl is crying because she is not in a costume and wanting to know why her mom wont stay and watch. Its just sad when parents do this type of shit to there kids, I personally know this mom, they have money, they believe in Halloween,mom doesnt work why couldnt she take the time to make, buy, borrow a costume for her child and then stay for 1/2 hour? I just dont get it and never will.

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Rhonda said...

because she's making sure her child will support the staff down at the local shrink office in 15 years. ;)

Parent's like this are nothing more than;

Happy Halloween!