Thursday, October 30, 2008

A house divided

Good Morning:

Sorry about the no only in Texas post, I just haven't had much to blog about lately, I mean hell life around here has been much less than dull.
We are so split down the middle here as a family politics/discipline/finances ect.....seems somebody is always pissed around here.(NOT ME OF COURSE BECAUSE AS ALWAYS I AM A PERPETUAL RAY OF F*******SUNSHINE AS YA'LL KNOW. Here in the heart of Texas we are staunch republicans, the sign in our front yard says McCain/Palin-as small business owners we cant see how Mr. Obama can do any good for us. I do believe in change/hope- ect.... but I would like to continue to make a living, my 18 yr old is a Obama supporter but sadly not for the right reasons-what he believes in/stands for ect. He just feels we need a person of color in the head honcho seat. Personally I don't care if our President is purple/gold /green/ has boobs/has a boy toy/
or likes the same sex as he/she- I just want someone with some morals/ethics/brains and plain ole common sense sitting in the seat and directing our lives for the next 4 years.

On another note my son has finally finished high school wooohoooo. Now if he has passed the taks test we can have a party- more on that in December. My husband thinks its time for him to leave the nest and become a man, I do agree but as a mom I have to admit he just aint ready the child may be 18 but common sense wise we are working on maybe 14 give or take.

We went to a haunted house last week against my advice!!!!! My daughter is 6 she is not ready for haunted houses no matter how much she says she is. I said and I quote " she is not ready she will be scared out of her mind she will not be right for days" ummmm guess what? 2 nano seconds after walking through the front door she is screaming and crying I wanna go home- imagine that a 6 year old child being scared what a concept huh? we are going on night 7 of her sleeping with us. quote"I TOLD YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"unquote. so there nanny nanny boo boo

Ok so not so much a post as a bitch fest sorry ya'll hopefully I can be much more amusing next time


kristi said...

Gosh, even I won't go to a Haunted House. Poor thing!

J-Online said...

We have a divided political family too! It keeps things interesting!