Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mamma may I? I think not

OK question for ya'll - If your siginificant other wants a guys night out do you care? Do you interrogate him/her as to where/when/who ect? The reason I ask is this, I just got a phone call from one of our employees wife,it seems she is extremely peeved that her husband along with mine and one other guy stopped after work and had a couple of drinks at the local Hooters and then Twin Peaks and then finished the night at the Tilted Kilt. She feels that its my fault that they went. Huh??? wtf?? she proceeded to tell me that I should have stopped it since its my husband who is there boss. WTF?? personally I dont give a flying F*** if my husband goes to one of those places,he knows who he is coming home too and well lets be honest most of those girls wouldnt give him the time of day outside of the place. I trust my hubby and would not even begin to tell him where he can and cannot go after all he is 3x10 plus some.

Just a follow up it wasnt my husbands idea to go to these places it was the guys and they were the ones that didnt want him to tell me because they thought I would be mad like there wives, lol they dont know me well I honestly could care less


dykewife said...

uh oh! someone has trust issues. it's not your responsibility to make sure her husband is home to have dinner at 6 pm. that is the responsibility of the husband, if that's what he wants to do. i mean, i assume that it's not as though your husband threatened to fire the guy if he didn't join them, right?

what the wife did was out of line. this is an issue between her and her husband and should stay as such.

as for me, bran's more likely to have a night out with the girls than the boys. do i care? nope. i like most of the women he hangs out with and many of them come here to watch movies with him.

Pam said...

I'm happy when my husband wants to go somewhere for the evening. It's so damn rare!!!
If I can't trust my own husband I might as well throw in the towel.

Anonymous said...

As long as hubby is honest about it all, then I'm fine. I only say this bcs once he went out after work, didn't tellme for fear that I might be mad and got home and tried to play it off.

Men don't quite get it. No honey, go have fun, don't lie. So easy for us to get, why can't they?

but now, yes, when he calls on way home and says hey, stopping for drinks, I simply say, k honey, have fun, see you when u get home.

case closed.

Rhonda said...

not fun.
I ditto the three ladies that already posted a comment. There's nothing I can add.

RIO said...

This is your cue to invite her over for dinner - call her and make a very big deal about how classy you and your husband are, down to watching Masterpiece Theater and playing chess whilst listening to Rachmaninoff - and then answer the door in a French maid costume.

blogauthor said...

What a weirdo!

And rio girlfriend, this web of connected friends is getting downright weird, lol ....

Paula, fyi, rio and I are friends in real life. And we stalk each other in cyberspace. :)

Sheliza said...

I don't mind as long as I get a phone call and his ass aint spending all my money! LOL!