Thursday, October 2, 2008

Now I know you were dropped on your head

Reason number 121 why I title my blog the way I do: I went downstairs to my sons room to put some clothes of his away. As I opened the closet door the knob came off and rolled under his bed, the above pictures are just what I could reach and he wonders why I become psycho-mom-from hell. What was this man/child thinking?He knows full well not only am I the above referenced psycho ect..ect.

I am also the most uber clean freak psycho ect ect......I directly proceed to my cell phone and text the child please call home at lunch. He calls and says whats up? I said get ready I am sending you a picture of something..... the minutes tick slowly by tick tock tick tock ring ring he calls: WHY ARE YOU IN MY ROOM AGAIN??

Ohhhh now I know his father (my ex) for sure dropped him on his head. No ohhh geez mom I sorry no nothing just an impending argument because I dared to step into his room.

He just don't get it,we as in my husband and I pay the bills this is not a Democracy it is an Anarchy.And until he can and will take care of his bidness he will do as we say and when we say and not treat the underneath areas of his bed as his own personal dumping ground. He no longer has a door for his room,he no longer has
cell phone privileges he no longer has the privilege of talking food stuffs down stairs-I on the other hand am no longer in the running for the Mother of the Year award.


dykewife said...

meh...i'm sure he'll survive the trauma of having to keep his area tidy.


J-Online said...

Oh the things I have to look forward to! I would have had a full blown panic attack!

Rhonda said...

looks familiar.
so much so that I thought maybe you were in my house!
I'm laughing...not at you but WITH you!

Sheliza said...

yeah, this confirms the head dropping thing! LOL!! And as long as any of my kids (don't care how old you are) live in MY house, I can go wherever the hell I want. the end! oh and the anarchy part was too funny!