Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pony's and Barbies and No-one to play with-Oh My

I am exhausted mentally I think-I am limited to what I can do psychically Alexis is so used to playing and swimming and doing things outside that this last couple days of slugness has made her ugly ugly ugly. This is a hard time of summer no holidays to look forward to, we have done the day camp thing. we have had each of her kinder classmates over for play dates 2x over.The heat makes it hard to do a whole lot out side. SO every other word has been I'm bored I wanna play with somebody......over and over which brings me to the title of my blog......I'm sorry mom ran away mentality. I know this is awful...... but man I can only play barbies/ponys/petshop so long before I'mready to knock my self over the head. Sigh......talk about a whiny little post huh? Makes you wanna grit your teeth and say damn girl be grateful she wants you to play. In about 6 weeks we will be so immersed in school/soccer/dance/and such we will be wishing for the down time again.

On the upside once I heal I can go off the diving board/ and go for long walks and get down on the floor and play barbies... and and and and right mom right?

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