Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I quit smoking on Nov,19 2007-Not because I was all health minded and was"doing my body good" and all that happy BS. I quit because after 7 years of busting my happy ass in the gym-lifting weights.....hunderds of crunches my inner belly said whoooaaa Im done and blessed me with a beautiful bouncing basketball sized hernia. Now anyone who has ever lifted weights knows that when you stop a hard core regimine dead in the water, things sag,bag and in general go to hell. hmmmmm I regress...long story short Doc said cant/wont fix the belly till you kick the habit and stay out the gym-I then proceeded to gain 50 beautiful lovely -MFing pounds-regressing again I know-monday doc says well done gonna fix on wednesday-hot diggity damn-
my honest first thought was-I CAN SMOKE AGAIN-sad isnt it.

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