Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My 18 yr old moved out last night......it wasn't a happy moment, he still has a semester of high school to finish to get that all important diploma. He just couldn't seem to understand that our home is not a Democracy its an Anarchy were his father and I rule. Our rules were not hard(contrary to what my son may tell you) were are not some kind of neo nazi hard asses. Clean up your bathroom-you miss? you wipe up- I buy the tissue go nuts use what you need. Help out once in a while feed a dog ,play with your sister-she thinks the suns rises and sets on you.

The biggest issue was he wanted his girlfriend to be able so stay the nights-OHHHH HELLL NOO. The words Paula/Grandma don't work here. So where did he end up you ask? yeppers you guessed it he is now living with the girlfriend and her parents. Have I missed something along the way? Have I become so old fashioned and so out-dated because this makes me NUTS-

We had a name for girls like this growingup..........and her parents are they on dope? this is there 17 yr old daughter(felony material here in Texas)


Rhonda said...

oh no...
wish I had an easy answer for you.
I'll pray.

but seriously what are her parents thinking?!


Rhonda said...

so is this Dolly character gonna be a problem for you?

blogauthor said...

Hi .... first time I've seen your blog via a comment you left on mine. I love it your blog!

I TOTALLY agree, I mean really, staying overnight in your own house???? I am old fashioned apparently.

paula said...

Hello blogauthor I have been lurkin in the bushes via rhondas blog for a while now.I dont miss a post of yours.thank you for your comment