Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When in Rome do it Texas Style

Im thinking again......I am a transplanted yankee (a term the hubby uses frequently) the cultural differences are a real deal. For example: any soda pop here is a coke ask for a pop and you might get a punch in the nose. The term fixin: which doesn't mean fix something that is broke..... here it means planning to/about to/or on the way to. Another thing is no matter how how hot it gets here, ranchers men and women, farmers, and rodeo people all wear starched and when I say starched I mean stiff as cardboard pull them apart stand on there own starched all day. Now when I first moved here and was a heck of a lot thinner I tried these jeans let me tell ya comfort goes out the window. I think the biggest shock was food now coming from Wisconsin my only
exposure to Mexican food was Taco Bell and Chi-Chis (which I have since learned means boobies in Hispanic) I have experienced true Mexican food and its fantastic if you remember this jalepeno is hot- chipolte is fire and habenero means if your a yankee kiss you butt good bye.


Rhonda said...

wow totally different culture.
And if I ask for a coke. I want a COKE.
Love all your pictures...

dykewife said...

so, chichis is the mexican version of hooters? wow!

we have a restaurant run by a transplanted salvadoran and his family. they make several different kinds of foods that are made in central america and mexico. to say it's better than taco bell (or up here, taco time) is a major understatement. the food is phenominal.

i drink coke zero. at least i'm half right. :)