Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday Bash #7

The best present ever

The cake

Birthday pony rides can you see the handprints on the pony they got to decorate it
The pinata

Daddy riding the pony

oops to many margarita's for mom

WHEW !!!! The bash is over mostly picked up, hubby went to work since he didn't work all day he figures he will work most of the night ( self employment aint all its cracked up to be) its 8:00 pm no matter what time the blog time says it is. The bash was fantastic all though no funny pics, everyone was so well behaved-usually I get some blackmail photos out of the adults, I suppose since it was Sunday afternoon people just behaved.All though.... hubby did ride one of the bigger ponies, hiho silver away and such.The trampoline was put together in the nick of time...took hubby and 3 buddies to get-er-done. So here it is pics from the bash.


Sheliza said...

I just love the expression on Alexis' face! Looks like it was a success and that everyone had a blast!

Rhonda said...

Well girl you did it up right!
What in the world will you do for her sweet 16???!

Your Mom would be so proud of you.

J-Online said...

What a wonderful Party!