Monday, November 10, 2008

Not been blogging

I havent been blogging, its seems I dont have anything to say....... that is at least remotely interesting and or amusing. I talked to my best friend Rhonda this morning she is the one who inspired me to start blogging,if you have ever read her, Rhondas blog,or Led beside Still Waters she always had something that was worth reading!! She no longer blogs, I sure miss reading her though.

Is anyone out there feeling the stress of the holidays yet? Boy, I sure am, now dont get me wrong I love the holidays and all the stress/hustle bustle/ ho ho hoing. Last year I was sick and wound up in the ER and hospital for christmas day and the following week , So I feel this need to do it up right this year. But..... my wonderful hubby has decided that this is the year we become debt free..... ummmmm yea right............... lets see make a meal for 14 this Thanksgiving on a budget of 40.00 (can you say beenie weenies?) ok decorate a 2 story house inside and out on a dont buy any new decorations budget. ok lets see umm remember that fudge you like so much when I make it, and those cookies?? yea sorry not in the budget what you say?? well maybe we can wait to go out of debt after christmas.... you think???? men


Rhonda said...


yes, i think being debt free is the way to go especially with our new President elect.
But, after the holidays does sound more doable. :)

Rhonda said...

oh and guess what?
i'm blogging again...thanks to your encouragement.

dykewife said...

i don't feel the stress of the holidays as much as the stress of the end of semester term paper due on monday. augh!

Sheliza said...

ha ha! hubby's are funny fools! I have noticed you have not been blogging much lately and you have been dearly missed. Please stay with us!