Friday, November 21, 2008

Just when you think Noone ever listens.........

Most of the time I am the first one to complain to my family you dont listen, you never listen to what I say. This week I have had to eat those very words numerous times.

Example one: Alexis proved that she listens to me when as we were driving through the parking lot at HEB- she very sweetly yelled out the window and I quote" just cause your 60 damn years old doesn't mean you don't have to watch where you are going"

Example two: As my wonderful hubby finishing his explanation of the finer points of balancing the checkbook (and I mumble under my breath I was off 45 fucking cents for gods sake) Alexis says daddy mommy said a bad word about you.

Example three: hubby comes home from a trip to Home Depot with the 2 exact flowers in pots you were drooling over a week ago.

I guess they do listen..... just selectively

ps the trampoline is still standing---yeeeehaawwww


Sheliza said...

I told you I love that Alexis is a smartass! I wonder where the hell she gets it from? LMAO!!

I love the flowers, I'm jealous. Yes, thanks goodness the trampoline is still standing!

J-Online said...

Cracking up!

Rhonda said...

this is funny Paula.
Your hubby really pulled through in the "aren't you sweet department". :)

blogauthor said...