Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Alexis

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl-Here are 7 sweet things about her

1. she is always quick to give hugs and kisses

2. she always tries her best at everything

3. she worries about other people and animals if they are ok warm, cold, fed

4.she is funny and smart ass

5.she is my miracle girl since I was on depo shot when I got pregnant with her

(thats a whole long amusing story in its self)

6.she is beautiful

7. she makes me laugh
I love you baby girl forever and ever
love mom


Rhonda said...


Happy Birthday Alexis! from Aunt Rhonda - where the snow is. :)

Sheliza said...

well she is just a sweet little muffin and I wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love that she's a smart ass too~ LOL!!

blogauthor said...

And just because she is. :)

Happy birthday to your daguther!

(ok, I HAD to say that the word verification word is, and I kid you not, 'crampy' ... hmmmm, that depo shot thing ....)