Friday, November 14, 2008

Countdown to Birthday Bash #7

Its two days away from Alexi's Birthday Bash, we usually have around 60 people friends from school, family and general friends. For Chris its just an excuse to bring out the grill and shoot the sheettttt.For me bring on the frozen margarita machine... wooohoooo !!!( Now don't think I'm drinking while the party stuff is going on while we play games, cut cake,open presents and ride ponies(shhh she doesn't know were having ponies) I am the epitome of the perfect mom...but after the school friends leave. heheheh bring on the booze.....I have spent the last week cleaning the house from top to bottom,washing curtains cleanin the tub and shower in the guest bathroom, hell I even cleaned out the drawers and cabinets in the guest bath,I dont have a medicine cabinet for people to snoop through but the cabinets and drawers are perfect opportunity.
I gave serious consideration to stocking the drawers with adult condiments you know.... edible undies,vibrators,go goo,porno mags ... hehehehe but then thought well shit if the hubby finds that stuff he will be gettin idears and such and I needs my sleep there aint no way I can put out for a week straight. ok ok I know way to much info sorry folks.
Anyways keep checking back the big bash is sure to bring on some funny pics and such....for that matter the hubby and a buddy are fixin to put together the trampoline and if its anything like the swing set episode of two years ago we may be calling a professional.

Have a good weekend ya'll


Sheliza said...

you little vixen you! LOL!! Booze?? I will catch a flight out okay? Can't wait to get the details of the afterparty, I mean the child's party! WHOO HOOO!!! I almost sounded like a Texan huh? :)

paula said...

Sheliza you and you family are welcome any time, we would love to show you Texas. and yeppers you sure did sound Texan

Sheliza said...

LOL!! you are so damn funny!

Rhonda said...

goodness girlfriend!!!
60 people?!!! Sounds like you may be have a slumber party? LOL!
As usual you are going above and beyond in the birthday department.
She's a lucky little girl!

RIO said...

Hey! Why didn't anyone tell me there'd be ponies and edible underwear?! *boards a plane*