Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break 2009

So its been spring break here in Texas this week, we didn't go anywhere on vacation but we sure did allot of family stuff 4 wheeling in the mud,daddy's birthday,a visit to the Zoo, a playdate with 2 favorite friends, and (wooohooo a break for mom a sleepover weekend with Grandma and Aunt Danny) Its been a long but fun week, and I'm glad the weekends here to catch up on housework/blogging/SLEEP ect.

I thought it was supposed to mud on the tires not on the girl


Rhonda said...

It ooks like you had so much fun!
I think you make a cute lady bug!!!

Tanyetta said...

So much fun!!!!!!

Sheliza said...

looks like you all had a really fun Spring Break! Cute pics ♥