Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesdays only in Texas

Its hard to tell but at the stop light there are 2 ford pick ups and both have dogs in the back very common here in Texas


Sheliza said...

common here is South Carolina too! Country dogs!

RIO said...

I have a funny story for you.

The other night, we were watching Jimmy Fallon, and he one of the crazy guys from Big & Rich playing a sleazy Southern wheeler-dealer, and when he got to the "iPod Alabamo" (after the Broomba - a broom with pistol grips and tiny lights to accent one's trailer decor... "everyday sweeples for everyday peoples" I thought I was going to die from laughing.

It's an iPod that only plays "Sweet Home Alabama" - the only song that matters. "You put this here iPod around your neck like a bolo tie, and then when the date's over, you go back to your Chevy Silverado, press play, and let the baby boom begin!"

ROFL~! I used to hurtle around the highways of NC in a black Silverado in my cut off shorts and cowboy boots listening to that song!! I'm a late night cliche!