Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ok I get it!!! Im not getting any younger

  • I look at elastic waist band pants and actually don't shudder with revulsion and wonder out loud " Ill bet these would be comfortable"

  • Actually wear my pj's to take childrens to school and have no worries of being arrested for indecent exposure

  • Don't own a pair of shoes anymore, that the heel is over 1 inch tall

  • I get up to pee in the middle of the night numerous times

  • While out to dinner last night watched a table of 10 young men and women celebrate a birthday by getting 3 sheets to wind and wanted to walk over and make sure there was a designated driver.

  • The hair color isle is my best friend

  • No matter how strong the under wire is I am still tripping over the ladies.

  • I am calling the girls, ladies

  • My shorts are now called Capri's

  • I no longer want to sit on the floor if there are no chairs available I look around for the tallest/hardest chair in the room

  • When the highlight of my day is getting a buy one get one free feminine hygiene products rather than happy hour at Zigs

  • It now takes a week to recover from a hangover and my favorite refrain is I sure cant drink like I used too, instead of I cant belive I drank that much


CherkyB said...

I can't drink like I used to, either. But, of course, I don't get hangovers because I'm a professional.

Sheliza said...

LOL! Yeah, I'm in your boat in some of the same ways too!

Rhonda said...

we're getting old...
It's ok though because we're "smarter" than we used to be. Right? right?

blogauthor said...

My shorts are called capris too!!! ROTFLMAO!