Thursday, September 11, 2008

To care or not to care

We had open house tonight at my daughters grammar school out of 18 kids 3 parents showed including my self. Sad huh? The teacher had a whole presentation ready to let us know what she will be doing with our children for the next 8 months, after all she will have em more than we will. Notes came home, it was on the school web site and on the huge marque out front.

These same no-show parents will be the first to bitch when they don't understand the curriculum or what ever. I know people work, have other children with commitments ect..... But these are your children and these are the times that form our kiddos be aware be involved care.


Rhonda said...


blogauthor said...

That is sad indeed. At our school, the place is MOBBED on those sorts of nights.

Sheliza said...

that seems to be the trend everywhere! Sorry ass parents!