Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lets get a burger

"Keep Austin Weird" that's a big deal here in central Texas, well... I have seen some weird things yes, but for the most part Austin is a beautiful city/college town. Austin offers incredible music and dinning, one place is this they offer inside and outside dinning , live music out side and a great back yard play scape. But the best thing is you can bring mans best friend yes.. your dog, they offer water bowls and food bowls, and its just tons of fun.

Well we try to visit Freddies 3 times a month-3 dogs three visits-

Friday night was to be the puppy's first trip( now remember she is only 6 months old but weighs 85 pounds and stands as tall as our golden retriever).First order of business completely cover back seat with blankets -white hair and slobber all over Paula's truck=a very ugly Paula-load up one 6 yr old daughter and away we go.
First few miles into the road trip daughter regals us with ever thing that transpired at school that day-puppy sits with head out window,several more miles down the road daughter starts to yawn- puppy begins to pant, drool and look not very happy-daughter falls asleep-puppy continues to slobber and look unhappy-puppy walks over to daughter and lays her head next to daughter.
Meanwhile the conversation in front seat has been going like this:
Me: Alexis is sleeping and lil bit looks like she is going to throw up
Hubby: shes not going to throw up shes just drooling
Me:Wellllll.......I don't know shes looking pretty close are we to Freddies
Backseat- puppy stands up moves closer to daughter and proceeds to throw up all c0ntents of stomach directly into daughters lap.Daughter wakes up from dead sleep screaming and crying and pushing puppy away.
Me: puppy just threw up in daughters lap
Hubby:no wayyyyyyyyyyyy
(laughing uncontrollably)daughter screams louder-puppy throws up more
We didn't make it to Freddies that night-we grabbed whataburger and went home


RIO said...

oh WHY does this sound like road trips with our old beagle? What a joy he was on car rides... *morbid laugh* Poor child, puppy puke all over her! Yuck!!

dykewife said...

you managed to actually have an appetite after that?

what amazing people you are!

paula said...

I know dykewife we are kinda sick arenwet

Sheliza said...

oh man, that is awful! Hubby's are so dumb when they act like they have no clue! LOL! Poor girl, I am sure it will take a while for her to get over that one!