Thursday, September 18, 2008

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An example of why I call my blog what I call it- a recent conversation with my 18 yr old son who still lives at home and is a senior in high school. (first a quick update the policy here has always been he is to earn half the money for drivers education and his driver license and his dad and I would pick up the other half, this policy has been in effect since he was 15 well needless to say the child is 18 and just got his learners permit in June.)

The conversation: I received an amendment from our insurance they have added our son to our policy an added 1,198.00 because they show he is a licensed driver ( which he is not)

Me:Tyler I got our insurance bill in the mail they have added you to our policy and say that you are a licensed driver, may I see your permit again?

Him: Why?
Me: Because I need to make sure that is shows the right restrictions.
Him: well they may have bumped me up with out having to take the driving test.
Me:insert a look(have you lost your mind)look
Me: they just don't bump you up
Him: well........ I have a couple of friends that didn't have to take the driving they just got bumped up.
Me:insert another look(Now I know you have no sense)look
Me:its possible some one down at DPS when entering your permit may have hit an incorrect button, and if that's the case we need to go correct it
Him:his volume level increasing, why do I have to change it if it is there mistake?
Me:(feeling my blood pressure starting to boil) because the mistake is fixin to cost me 1,198.00 and if you were to get pulled over you could get a extremely large fine / and or a trip to the local pokey.
Him: but its there mistake(starting to whine)why do I have to pay for it?
I love this child he is my first born-but I am starting to wonder if his father-my ex possibly dropped him on his head when I wasn't looking.


Mekhismom said...

You truly made me laugh out loud with that one "dropped on his head." I think faulty logic goes hand and hand with being a teen.

J-Online said...

Oh the things I have to look forward to!

Sheliza said...

he he! it is quite possible his father very well might have done just that!

Pam said...

HA HA..hey my son did not get his drivers license until he was 18 either...AND since he was 18 he did not have to take the drivers test...just the written and got a full license, the same with my daughter.

Pam said...
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blogauthor said...

Boys. They never really do smarten up now do they?!