Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rain Rain please come and play

Look out Texas is Ike headed our way? As of this afternoon it looks like he could roar right up into San Antonio. For those right on the coast I know its a bad bad thing, for us further inland he would be a godsend we are so drought stricken in the Austin area the fire dangers are horrible, we need the rain he would bring just not the destruction. I had this doe in my yard this morning look at her ribs there just is no food for them we have babies that still have all there spots because of no food or water. We keep a horse trough full of water out back and they drink it almost dry within a day, we used to feed em but there are so many we couldn't keep up and at almost $8.00 a bag going broke feeding deer aint no fun. Pretty quite Sunday, grocery shopping,laundry getting ready for the week..... putting some steaks on the grill for supper....yummy

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