Monday, September 8, 2008


OK Uncle all ready!!! Its the third week of school and we are in our second fundraiser all ready. I really really hate this one, this is the one were we sell $14.00 cookie dough-place and bake. I personally don't give a rip that they are made right here in Austin or that Embassy Suite uses them, 14.00 for cookie dough is freakin insane!! plus they hype the kiddos up with all these so called prizes that are cheaper than the dollars store stuff, and the hype up if you sell 30 boxes you get to go in a limo to Chuckie cheeses do the math 30 X 14=$420.00 insane I tell ya. At least half of our school district falls below poverty they are struggling to keep food on the table and gas in the cars and the PTA does this-Now I know you are saying don't like it join the PTA change it, I am a member and I bitched till I was blue in the face last year and got no where!! Basically I was told by the president no less, why are you complaining you own your own business you live in the country club district

you should have no problem selling. AAARRGGHHHHHH you snotty stuck up no nothing wooohaa. I just don't get it.... I pay school taxes, I volunteer at school we go to all the functions, we even go to Cicis pizza night- which for those of you that don't have Cicis its all you can eat pizza for 4.99 so you can imagine the quality. Anyways Ill shut up and put up and sell the dang dipped in gold cookies. BUT I DONT HAVE TO LIKE IT


Rhonda said...

ahhh yes fundraisers...such fun.
14.00 dough? wow. you can buy 180pieces of candy for 8.99 here in Janesville.

Anonymous said...

nope, don't have to like it... I'm in same boat as you. I ignore them.

Try the football (or whatever sport) fundraisers, where you HAVE to sell... or BUY OUT! What?! I always buy out. Not even gonna attempt to sell... but that I'm forced to supply the money they would have made if I had sold is insane.

Insane I tell u!

J-Online said...

Fundraisers make my blood boil. We do not participate in this house. I don't feel like the kids learn anything from this experience when they are in elementary school anyway. This urks me to no end.

blogauthor said...

I don't allow Offspring to do fundraisers. When a request comes home, I write a check to the PTA, or the library book drive, or whatever and return the materials with a note saying that I don't consider it appropriate for 7 year olds to be responsible for funding their own education. I'm not very popular because of that stance!

Geez, $14 for cookie dough????

Sheliza said...

i hate this time of year with all the fundraisers. I have a rule "I won't sell to you and you won't sell to me". period.

Montay said...

Fopund your Blog thru Katie and girl you are FU NEEE I love it and if you don't mind I will be back..