Friday, December 19, 2008

Armadillo class

Its official I have no sense of style/class and or culture, the fambly and I attended an Austin original now this is a event that is 32 years running in Austin featured in many a magazine and news story. Its a must see and do type thing. The entry fee was reasonable $6.00 per person little ones free.From the minute we stepped foot inside I knew I wasn't on the ranch toto. Austin motto is keep Austin weird/music capitol of the world. And weird this bazaar was ...... women dressed in fur coats, high heels, jewelry that did not come from the Walmart. The vendors them selves ranged from urban hippies,to full blown freaky, to downright amazing. The truly blow your mind thing was how proud of their doodads they were ,three digit price tags was the norm.Now mind you when I start paying three digits for something it better make my life more easy.productive, more interested in sex and less interested in that snicker bar, something I tell ya.

So here we are on the verge of the last weekend of shopping before Christmas, are ya'll planning on being brave,resourceful,bargain hunting and hitting the stores?

Ummmm not me...... Sat were hitting the park (again) this time with a little friend

so at least moms big ole happy butt can maybe meet up with a bench somewhere and hold your breath ya'll maybe look at a book and gasp actually read a page or four. We pause this rambling to ask.... what did ya'll get for the hubby's I am truly at a loss this year, for all my complaining that he aint right, he really was awesome through all my surgeries this summer and doctoring me, he still is changing the bandages twice daily for me, hmmmm should i get him a doctors kit hehehehe think he will see the humor in it?or maybe since I caught him cutting a board in half with a chain saw maybe I should buy him one of them there circular saws? and men bitch when we use there 50 dollar cordless screwdrivers to hammer in a nail.(SHAKING OF THE HEAD-SHRUGGING OF THE SHOULDERS) who knew you couldn't use it right?

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Sheliza said...

lol! okay, I use a cordless drill to hammer in nails all the time! Ha! Yeah, mine is a pain but he too was good to me this year. I guess I'll keep the lump of coal for next year ;)