Saturday, December 20, 2008

Picnic in the park.....Prosac before dark

Whew we are home ,we left at 10 this am for the park beautiful day here in Texas 70 degrees, sunny skies, 5 days before Christmas two best friends should be a no brainer good time......

Yeah Right from the get go the fighting whining started they both wanted to sit in the same spot, one wanted to listen to Christmas music one wanted to sing Christmas music, one got a different my my little pony in thier McDonald's happy meal ( even though I very nicely requested that each meal contain the exact same toy)obviously at MacDonald's they do it there way and not my way.The Park we went to is a city park and is a badass park it has 15 different play areas(we hit each one) a place to feed the ducks, a rodeo arena where there is always someone riding horses and they always are obliging in letting kiddos pet and kiss and even ride em.

Nothing made these 2 ahemm...she devils happy, I interacted I pushed on the swings, I played tag hell I even played in the sand. I gave them there space and tried to meet my happy but up with a bench and read or play on the computer. NOTHING I SAY MADE THEM HAPPY

So here we are at home with 2 hours to go before the friend gets picked up they can and will sit in front of the TV hope Drake and Josh or Hannah doesn't mind babysitting cause I give up.

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