Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kick butt and take names later

So I get this frantic call last night from my 18 yr old..... mom the toilet wont stop running!!!! what do I do? did you clog it with tissue? (while living at home this was a major issue)no ma honest I didn't, ok did your try to plunge it? no ma the water is running from the inside of the tank what do i do? CALL MAINTENANCE right about an hour later he calls its fixed mom, good I say, ma can I come over and do laundry tomorrow? yes son you can.. lol

I strongly feel the need to hubby bash this evening ( now know it aint right to bash em publicly )but dang the man has gotten on my very last nerve lately. I swear he has his own version of pms or something. Normally hes a happy go lucky type of guy but man the last couple of days hes been just down right ugly, (and yes he is gettin his share of loving) SO IT HAS NOTHING to do with that.

Example: Paula how long have you been driving with your tags out? ummmm I didnt know they were expired. Damn paula do you pay any attention at all?ummm actually no I don't but since you drive my truck as much as I you pay any attention at all?

Example:Did my work clothes make it in to the washer? yes Chris they did! Did they make it into the dryer? No Chris they didn't I forgot to pay attention.



Sheliza said...

lol! Your son is something else. Good thing he still has you :) Hubby bashing?? Uh, HELLO??? You are so allowed to do it publicly. You see me do it daily now don't you? Did you not know we are supposed to know everything? I should start a new hubby bashing blog! You can be a writer on it! lol!!

J-Online said...

LOL. Maybe your son just needs some "Mom" time!

I strongly believe men have PMS too! LOL. Happy Saturday!