Friday, December 5, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

The tree is up and decorated, the village is set up, other misc chrismas decorations can be spotted through out the house. The outside is a small beacon of lights sure to blind single prop pilots. Alexis is asking for everything, and having small meltdowns on a regular basis..... yup its beginging to look a lot like christmas. The presents are just about all bought. No cookies or candies yet but hoping to start on those this weekend.

My best friend Rhonda- wrote in her blog about finding super heros in the Nativity set some years ago,and it got me to thinking about Christmas's past when Tyler was little I would find those little plastic green army men all over the tree, and base camp set up all around the bottom of the tree. And then the enemys camp would be set up in my village scene I remember getting a little bent about those things back then. Now Tyler is 18 almost 19 has his own apartment, a good job, a girlfriend and not alot of room for his momma right now ( which is ok I understand) he spent Thanksgiving at the girlfriends parents and stopped in for about 15 here, and when asked about christmas he hesitated and talked about the girlfriend ect... I like this girl and maybe shes the one...

By Gods grace I get to do Santa and all the wonder again with Alexis-(and when I say by Gods grace I mean it cause I was on depo shot when I got preggers with her) and Im hoping I wont get as bent when barbies and my little ponies parade around the village scene.

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Sheliza said...

Well Ho Ho Ho right back at ya! We are all decked out but not really feeling it for some reason. I love your village :)