Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Past

The calm before the storm

The Wii with all the other junk in the background ( notice its pitch dark out)
Happy Monday Ya'll

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Santa was awesome and we were evidently well behaved enough to make the good list. I'm guessing he looked the other way that day I yelled *^&&* out the window at the blue hair club in the parking lot of the grocery.

Santa arrived some where between the hours of 1-3 am and Alexis was opening presents at 412 in the am. Just so ya'll know.....Santa has a sense of humor besides all the goodies he dropped off he also brought us a case of the chicken pox.......thank you, you jolly ole (son of a bitch) sigh. All sign of Christmas have been cleared, now like Sheliza from mom files we are in the cleaning / organizing mode. The New Year is just right around the corner and like everyone I have a lot of resolutions I am pondering...

Just want to make sure whatever i resolute, I don't set myself up for failure.

Almost forgot Santa brought a Wii way way fun!!!! does anyone have the Wii fit? and is it good?


Rhonda said...

wii fit sounds like a lot of work!
I still can't believe there isn't any sign of Christmas (except presents) in your house! How'd you do it? I guess I need to get motivated.
If you were here...I'd seriously have you come over.
What fun huh?! ;)

Sheliza said...

glad Santa made it there and I see Alexis was not making any joke out of tearing open those packages! 4:12 am?? damn!! I hear that wii fit actually will wear you out and have even heard of people losing large amounts of weight. Who knew?! Happy cleaning!! I am almost done. Drinking the last of the eggnog (3 liquors in it) so I am feeling great! Hope I did not write anything stoopid! lol!!

Amy McQuillan said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog! I admit, I have been "lurking" on yours for awhile. I enjoy reading it! What type of self-employment do you & your husband enjoy?

paula said...

Amy we have a pressure washing company we wash heavy equipment/construction/driveways/patios/sidewalks ect we also have a detail business autos/trucks/boats