Monday, December 15, 2008

Bits and pieces

Got a call from my son Friday afternoon, hes frantic mom I'm changing banks, wait till you hear what they did to me. Sigh I am almost scared to hear what "they have done to him" his paycheck is direct deposited and when he went to use his debit card low and behold there was no money- his whole paycheck went to the bank in over draft fees. Son I said did you not write down every transaction? no I kept a running balance in my head and I called the bank every day to check my balance. basically happened was..... some debits did not debit the same day or even the next, so when he checked his balance it showed the same amount so he thought he had more money. sigh.... he will learn. My first instinct was to offer him some money,but what I did make a pot of sloppy joes,buy some buns a gallon of milk and take them over to him. I must say for the first time in a while he acted like he really needed me again.

I received some very much needed alone time sat, Alexis spent the the day with grandma and hubby worked. Yahoooooo I cleaned house, and did a little last minute Christmas shopping.
I cannot begin to explain how nice it was to have the day to myself.

Sunday it was 80 degrees here in Texas, Alexis and I took a picnic and spent the day at the park.
I had all the windows open all day and night, somewhere between midnight and 600 am
a cold front came in,and when I woke up the high temp was 30 and never got higher than 34 go figure only in Texas at least in Wisconsin where I am originally from, we knew when it was winter/summer ect. none of this hot to cold bullshit in 15 min flat. I have found myself rethinking the last year and how incredibly fast it went by, between rediscovering a best friend and blogging, struggling every day not to smoke and spending a good part of the year in the hospital it sure doesn't feel like I accomplished a whole lot this year. Believe me I had extremely high ambitions for the year, un fortunately ambitions need allot of sweat and equity to reach them
high hopes I had,an over abundance of sweat and equity fell far short.


Sheliza said...

oh my, your son will eventually learn. Bless his heart. Glad you got some alone time. Yeah, we all need that some time. I know all about the damn flip flopping weather, not cute at all!

Rhonda said...

fell far short?! What?!
Are you kidding me?!!!
You're not smoking! Big feat!
You fought through being so sick!
You're a great Wife and a wonderful Mom!
The only other thing there is to add to that is perhaps flying to Saturn. :)

paula said...

Thank you my friend Rhonda I need that cheer from the balcony

Anonymous said...

How amazing to spend money everyday, check your balance and it's still the same?! I want THAT bank.

And everything for a reason, everything for a reason... you will see in 2009 what it was all for. And then it will all make sense.