Friday, January 2, 2009

What would you have done?

We are at the local McDonald's, Alexis and her friend are playing.... the girls come over to get a drink, and another little girl starts to cry hysterically another little boy has hit her, the dad of the little boy pulls him aside and does the standard we dont hit other people and puts the child in a time out, the little girls mom glares at him grabs up the daughter and stomps away ,the dad says again ma am I'm sorry. I feel bad for the dad we all have had moments that our children act a fool so I laugh and say well hes for certain all boy. Dad gives me a grateful look and all is well. Not more than 5 min later this same boy pushes Alexis friend and they both come running I ask them both are ya'll ok? yes we are, ok then go play..... The next thing I see is this same boy biting Alexis ,yes you read correctly bites her!!!! Whooooaaa ok this is a game I DO NOT PLAY!!!!! She screams I jump and run to her like an Olympian hurdle person (you know leaping small children in a single bound type thing) This bite has broke the skin and is bleeding. I run for ice, the dad swoops up the boy and starts to scream and yell and beat the child, he takes the child to the truck throws him in the car seat beating him the whole time. He comes back says to us Im sorry little girl are you all right? Well hell no shes not all right and Im so mad I wanna kick his sorry butt clear to Burger King. But with the way hes beating this little boy I sure don't wanna piss him off anymore. They leave we gather our stuff up and head to the pediatrician, we are on antibiotics and all is well. I got his license plate number and make and model of vehicle called the police and pressed charges and told the police officer how badly this man was beating his child. Did I do the right thing? or did I make a bad situation worse??? you tell me


Sheliza said...

honestly, I think the man did the right thing beating his kid. He did wrong. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with a beating everytime a kid does something bad but he physically hurt your child. I guess I am very old fashioned and got my share of ass whoopings that have made me who I am. If you think he was beating the kid in an abusive way then perhaps the kid was just doing what he knows from his dad. I am sorry this happened and I don't know the answer to this one. Is Alexis alright? Biting is a great big no no! Poor thing.

Rhonda said...

Biting freaks me out because of contagious diseases. That just freaks me out! But, one of our boys was a biter but that was when he was a toddler. Like 2 years old. Anywya, I think you did the right thing. It's kinda serious getting the po po involved but still..........
Glad she's on atibiotics.

Tina said...

Wow. I would have called the police too - because the boy broke the skin of your girl by biting her and obviously the politically correct time-out doesn't work with that kid. There's a difference between disciplining a child (spanking) and beating them. If this guy was beating the kid, then there definitely needed to be some intervention by the authorities. Did you make things worse? Who knows, you could have made things better. You never know.

Days like These! said...

OMG!!!!!! BITING makes me ill just thinking of it.

He broke the skin? The little boy is acting out.

After he hit your kids, the parents were supposed to take him home.

As far as beating down his kid, he was probably frustrated and embarrassed and chose that route. Hopefully the police were able to intervene and maybe find out if there are other issues going on.

I would FREAK the heck out if the cops arrived to my house cuz I beat my kids. Would make me think THRICE.

Hopefully your baby girl is ok. BITING is NOT COOL! UGH!

dykewife said...

i'm glad you did what you did. the most likely reason the kid acts out is that his dad beats on him. there's no excuse for that. he beats on the kid for his own failure to closely monitor his son's playtime (hey, if a kid acts out i'm going to watch that kid closely) besides, he'd already rewarded his son earlier by not removing him from the play area after the first incident.

you did right.