Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am not a white trailer trash hoochie momma

Ever since I posted the other day about our new additions I have felt this need to let ya'll know, we are truly not some sort of hillbilly-redneck-livestock living in our home type of people.We have indoor plumbing, cable, and electricity from a pole. I was watching an episode of wife swap and this poor woman was dropped into a place with critters running amok in and out of the house, dog doo every where and even a dead rat under the coffee table. We do have critters but please know its safe to drink out of our glasses and that you can sit anywhere with the blackest of black pants/skirt and you wont get up looking like a wooly mamoth. Whew Im really glad I told ya'll this was making me crazy wondering if ya'll were muttering under your breath, them threes some serious rednecks in that household.

Heres some pics to back me up


Amy McQuillan said...

Cute house Paula! I love all the western decor!

Days like These! said...

Those thoughts NEVER ran through my mind.

Your home is lovely. It's where your family lives.

LOL at "Them Threes"

Stop it already! You're doing a great job :)

Pam said...

How smart of you to rent some pens for the pictures so we would not see the rabbits on the dining room table.

paula said...

ok pam you caught me lol

Sheliza said...

LMAO!! Paula you are too much! I never thought that of you! I love your house :) white trailer trash hoochie momma, I am rollin' over here!! You have made my morning!

Ismail "the Great" said...

So your saying parties at your house? But be careful cause my wife likes to BYOB, only problem is that it may not make it there. You know my wife ! hint hint :+)

Opps just kidding dear, :+(

Sheliza said...

Why is Dwayne all up on your blog trash talking me?? LOL! Paula, Dwayne loves you cause you are one of the very few that take his side sometimes :) I am about to go kick his ass now~

J-Online said...

LOL. You live in a beautiful house.

PS- I love watching wife swap. I enjoy seeing how other people live and of course they are going to find the "extremes" for TV. It makes me laugh!