Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm 2009 and other totally unrelated things

Look out central Texas ice storm 2009 is almost here!! Only in Texas can it be 80 degrees and sunny one day and 28 and ice covered the next. One good thing is, we wont be needing to invest in one of these. I went to the grocery store because like all smart icees....we just had to have at least 3 gallons of milk,4 loaves of bread and 2 mumbo jumbo jars of peanut butter..... just in case ya know.

On a totally unrelated subject it was award day at Ms.Alexis's school she received ribbons for red hot reader/making strides/ and no tardys ( which by the way really should have been awarded to me because really what did she do to get her self there every day anyways?) just kidding.

We are very proud of her.


CherkyB said...

You're going to need to make that link ".html" instead of "-html" if you want it to work.

Sheliza said...

ha ha! Ice days and 50 gallons of milk, that's classic! Congrats to Alexis on her red hot awards and yes, I agree that you should get the no tardies award :)

paula said...

a big thanks to cherkyb for helping me get it right

Rhonda said...

You got the link thing down. Sorry I forgot to e-mail you...;(
Yeah for Alexis! Yeah for Mom!

Tanyetta said...

So PROUD of her!!!!!