Thursday, January 8, 2009

My hubby the last of the great dieters

World famous Round Rock Donuts Our first christmas
slim trim and a major leaning tree

The good food i bought

Right before Christmas we had a party to attend, here in Texas dressing up is a starched pair of wranglers,a starched long sleeve shirt, tie, your best black or brown hat and your dress lace up ropers. So the hubby goes to put his wranglers on.... no matter what he does they wont button...

better yet, even his lace up boots all of a sudden are to tight....(hehehehe) welcome to my world on a regular basis sucka!!! So the comment is made first of the year hes going to lose 25 lbs... wooohooo I say finally I will get some help with my life and death struggle with cookies/cakes/and everything that's good in life war of wars. So far all is going ok in the Dieckman house of diet.... until the asshole (yes I said it asshole) brings this shit home after work last night. Now mind you I spent an extra 50 dollars at HEB yesterday buying healthy food/sugar free food. I made low calorie chicken wraps for dinner and believe me they were good. And this is what he does brings home this.

So I pulled out this photo of our first Christmas together, now understand I know I have packed on the pounds, but he didn't realize how much he had.


Days like These! said...

I can't stop staring at the donuts. ;)

I'm not helping huh?

Sheliza said...

okay, let's just ship Chris and Dwayne away somewhere. Sound good?? dwayne is trying to lose about 20 pounds and blames me for cooking so well and hindering his goals. What the hell??? Oh yeah, I bet those doughnuts were slammin'!! HA! HA! HA!

blogauthor said...

LOL, I bought tons of sugar free jello this week too. :)

I got the mail you sent on Sat, thank you!!!!!!!!!

CherkyB said...

I highly recommend the vodka tonic diet. However, you gotta buy yourself diet tonic, cuz otherwise the high fructose corn syrup will more than cancel out the savings.