Friday, January 16, 2009

Extreme cold experiments

Ok ya'll my goofy ass hubby is way fascinated with the extreme cold some of ya'll are dealing with, he has several experiments he would like someone to try.

1.If you blow a soap bubble will it freeze in mid air?

2.If you pee outside, will it freeze mid stream?

I told ya'll he aint right!!


Rhonda said...

I told our friends about ya'll calling to see if we'd blow some bubbles and we had a good laugh.
But, then we got to thinking about it....
what would the bubbles do?
They also said they boiled a cup of water when it was 35 below and threw it in the air outside. It literally disinigrates like a powder form!
WAY COOL HUH?!!!!!!!

Tanyetta said...

he is funny!!!!!!!

Jeani said...

If birds wash in heated bird baths they will fly away and their feathers will freeze instantly.
(or sooner) Only keep water about an inch deep with sticks or stones in it. Poor things!!!

Sheliza said...

Chris + Dwayne = BFF's for life! lol! Yeah, dwayne is crazy like that too. Surprised?? I didn't think so!

J-Online said...

I know for sure the bubbles will freeze. Not sure about the pee though. Let me know if you find out. Now I'm curious! LOL

blogauthor said...



In that order.