Sunday, August 17, 2008

Father Daughter Time

Since I have been either in the hospital or pretty much on the couch for the last month. My poor hubby has been set to task to keep our 6 yr old somewhat entertained. He does not enjoy barbies, ponies,playing house ect....

So here are some of the things they have done over the past month. They made a homemade scented candle (barbecue scented) wax spilled-dried on the stove and down in the drip pans-results one scented candle 1 drip pan ruined and the barbecue stench from hell.

They went to see the movie Chimps in Space which I think he enjoyed more than she did.

They have made numerous trips to the feed store, Home Depot.Heb and Walmart.

A trip to the mall is in the plan for this upcomming week for school clothes.

They went to for a day (yeah for daddy because he is not about water or getting wet) what a good sport.

Between these outings they have hit all the sporting goods stores

So this is what appears in a 6 year olds tackle box and what every self respecting 6 yr old girl should be wearing (insert major sarcasm please)

Honest the hubby has been a dream he has kept the business going,taken care of our 6 year old,all the animals and even managed to vacum,do the laundry, and come and see me.

so this is for you babe thank you and I love you.


katie said...

wow, what an amazing hubby you have!

Rhonda said...

she's a lucky girl to have such a good/awesome Daddy.
That'll mean everything when she's a teen!!!!!!

blogauthor said...

"a homemade scented candle (barbecue scented)" .... that is hilarious.

And how bizarre, just yesterday we watched a show on the travel channel about the best water parks and schilliterbahn was on it! I immediately said "slippery road"!

Jeani said...

Rick's 8 year old girl loves to go fishing with Grandpa. They make a good pair. I'll post some fishing pictures soon. Hope you are getting along OK. XOXOXOXO