Thursday, August 7, 2008

He may not be right: But he cleans up well

I was thinking this morning.... I have made several comments about my husband not being right so to speak but I have never really given any concrete reasons to this so
here goes.

1. He has offerred to get a magnet to take my staple stitches out.
2. He once told a blind person who was walking down the street, " I can see you but you can't see me"
3.At night he pees off the front porch
4.He nick named our daughter stinky and makes it a point to call her that in public
5.Whenever we go out to eat and the restraunt needs your name for seating, pick up order ect... he gives them the name Billy Joe Bob.
6. He thinks its funny when I am taking a shower to come in use the bathroom (#2)and then flush so not only am I being stunk out but I am also being scalded.
7.When I walk around the truck to get in he waits till I get right in front and honks the horn.
8.We use nexttell phones,he will beep me knowing full well I am in a public place and yell at the top of his voice "how is your rash,diareah,ect....
9.Will fart anywhere, anytime, around anyone, and then grin like he has won the lottery.
10.Eats frosting directly out of the can.

Now please don't get me wrong he is a wonderful man a fantastic father and a great husband, he just aint right.
But he does clean up well.


dykewife said...

heh...i hope he's rich cuz he's going to be paying for some large therapy bills. :)

there's an old saying, "it's a good thing i love you, cuz otherwise i'd have to kill you." that comes to mind.

Rhonda said...

to have a "live" comedian at your side is beyond fun!
Just think how boring life would be without him. ;)

he does clean up well.

blogauthor said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! He sure does clean up nice, that is a marvelous photo, what a beautiful family.