Friday, August 15, 2008

%^&&**(!!!!!! RANT(*&&^%$%$#@@@

Im tired of being in the hospital,I am tired of being in pain, I miss my daughter.I just want to go home, not much to look forward to when I go home I have this picc line in my arm an open wound with a garden hose attatched and attached to that a vacumn. I AM HAVING A MAJOR PITY PARTY!!!!!!!!All I do is cry, my daughter is makimg herself sick over me being gone, the cost of all this will truly sink us. We are self employed.School starts on the 25 for my daughter, I will miss going school shopping with her, meet the teacher night, PITY PARTY I KNOW. I just had to get this out, I cant take anymore.OK I am done. thanks for reading ie listening.


katie said...

oh... I'm so sorry. If it makes you feel any better - you can go school shopping with my boys, they're a pain in the @ss!

Rhonda said...

it's so not a pity party.
you're sad about all this...
that's totally ok.
I mean c'mon life sucks right now.

sorry that's not helpful.

love ya
and here's one of my all time FAVORITE sayings to help,
"this too shall pass".

Jeani said...

Take it easy!!! I'm praying for you and your family. DO NOT DO TOO MUCH! That staph is horrible but it sounds like they know what they are doing. You have a lot of life yet to live and this will soon become a memory. Hang in there.
Your friend, Jeani

paula said...

thank you katie,rhonda and jeani for litening to me whine, I have been trying to stay strong in front of my family so again many thanks for listening and encouragement it means more to me than you know.
rhonda and jeani I love you both thank you.