Monday, August 25, 2008

First Grade or Bust

Its finally here the first day of school. We have been marking the days off on the calender , practiced our teachers name,revisited tying shoes because all we wore was flip flops all summer long.

The Hannah Montanna lunch box and back pack are packed and out the door.

Ahhhh the sweet sweet routine is back, soccer practice starts tomorrow,

and before we know it we will be going candy begging in costumes.

By the grace of God I was well enough to help with the shopping and able to be here for the first day. Tomorrow its back to the hospital for more surgery.


Rhonda said...

She's absolutely adorable!
How was her first day?

dykewife said...

she's so cute :) someday i'll have to scan the pic of boy on his very first day of kindergarten. i tell you, that day broke my heart.

good luck tomorrow.